Public Notice Requirements

Matters for which Public Notice Must Be Given

Public notice, in accordance with the Municipalities Act (2006), shall be given before Council considers any of the following matters:
  • permanently closing or blocking off a street, lane or walkway;
  • disposition of municipal lands or buildings;
  • selling or leasing land for less than fair market value and without a public offering;
  • prohibiting or limiting the number of businesses of a particular type in an area of the municipality or specifying separation distances between businesses of a particular type;
  • borrowing money, lending money, or guaranteeing the repayment of a loan;
  • imposing a special tax or determining the use to which excess revenue from a special tax is to be put;
  • establishing a purchasing policy
  • sale or lease of mines and minerals owned by a municipality;
  • establishing a business improvement district
  • setting remuneration for council or committee members and other bodies established by the council
  • increasing or decreasing the number of councillors on Council
  • amending or repealing a bylaw for which public notice was a requirement at the time the bylaw was passed;
  • any matter where holding a public hearing is required under the Municipalities Act or any other Act except where the Act contains its own public notice provisions;
  • discussing a matter at a public meeting held as a result of a petition signed by the required number of electors; and,
  • the amendment or repeal of a bylaw or resolution when the bylaw or resolution was passed as the result of a vote of the electors where at least three years have passed from the date that the bylaw or resolution was passed and a vote of the voters is not being held regarding the proposed current action.