Building in Osler

"Building" as defined in Saskatchewan legislation means "a structure used or intended for supporting or sheltering any use or occupancy, and includes an addition built to an existing structure and, where applicable, the land adjoining the structure."

Click here to view/print Osler's Building Bylaw - includes Applications to construct, renovate, demolish or move buildings as well as a Schedule of Inspection Fees

Building in Osler is much like building anywhere in Saskatchewan.  Although the UBAS (Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards) Act, which is provincial legislation, clearly states "The property/building owners are obligated under the UBAS Act to comply with provisions of the NBC (National Building Code), the local authority is responsible under the UBAS Act to administer and enforce its application.  This means that the Town of Osler, in the interest of good governance, must regulate all construction that occurs within the town's boundaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is a building permit required?

A: Building Permits are required for:  New building construction; garages/carports; decks; mobile homes; renovation; alteration or addition to an existing building; relocation of an existing building; basement development in a dwelling unit; change of use of a building (for example: office building to residence or gas station to restaurant); swimming pools and hot tubs (more than 2 feet in depth); demolition of an existing building; temporary buildings; and retaining walls.

Building Permits are not (usually) required for: Fences (but you should check zoning regulations); driveways and parking lots (again, check with the town to have your curb valve located); sidewalks (on private property); painting, decorating, laying carpet and general maintenance; replacement using the same materials and not affecting structural, electrical or mechanical systems (shingling, siding, windows); accessory buildings under 100 sq ft in area (again, check zoning regulations, though); swimming pools and hot tubs less than 2 feet in depth.

Q:  How long does it take to get a building permit application approved?

A: Normally not longer than 3-5 days, however, there are some exceptions. For example certain classes of commercial buildings may require a bit more time, or it could take longer due to missing information or plans that are not quite acceptable to the Building Inspector and need to be amended.

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