Property Taxes and Assessment

2020 Property Taxes

2020 Property Tax Notices will be sent out approximately mid July.

If anyone has questions or concerns or doesn't receive a Tax Notice by July 20th, please call the Town Office, 306-239-2155 

For 2020, penalties are added to the current year's taxes at the rate of 1% per month from Oct 1 to Dec 1.  A 1.85% compounding penalty will be added to arrears of taxes (after Dec 31st). The postmark is used to identify payment date.   A drop box is located in the foyer of the Town Office.

Click Here to See the Power Point Presentation "Where Do My Taxes Go?"

2020 Property Tax Bylaws: Click to view
There is no changes this year to the mill rate or the base tax.  You will only see a change in your tax amount this year, as compared to last year, if your property's assessed value increased.

Other Information Respecting Tax and Assessment

  • The Town of Osler uses a base rate for all land and buildings, which spreads the tax burden more equitably 
  • It is very difficult to compare individual tax bills from one community to another as different communities use different methods of taxation (i.e. base tax/minimum tax) and assessed values can vary greatly from one community to another
  • The size of the lot you live on has very little effect on the amount of your taxes
  • The majority of the assessed value, and thus the majority of the amount of tax you pay,  is based on the improvement (your home, garage, and outbuildings)
  • Newer homes will generally have a higher assessed value than older homes
  • Two houses that have the same general appearance on the outside will not necessarily pay the same amount of tax as the assessed values could be quite different
  • Please do not assume because a neighboring community has a lower mill rate, that the taxes are lower in that community.  Remember that property values in other communities might be higher, allowing them to have lower mill rates.  For instance, generally speaking Warman and Martensville assessments are approximately 20% to 25% higher than in Osler, due to using a market approach. So if your property has an assessment of $400,000 here in Osler, in Warman that same property might be assessed from $480,000 to $500,000

Please feel free to stop by the office or call, if you have questions about your taxes or would like to know more about how they are calculated

It would be good to call ahead and make an appointment with Sheila or Lorie if you would like to have an extended conversation and explanation in this regard